Space Marines Primaris Chaplain – Showcase

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Here is my Showcase and retrospective of my experience painting the Space Marines Primaris Chaplain!

Here’s just about everything you’ll need to get this bad boy painted!

The first thing to note is that using a black matte primer (vs. a gloss, never use a gloss primer!!!) was all the difference! It does almost all of the work in prepping the model and leaves you free to focus on picking out the details in different colors.

I decided to hand paint the parchment script, rather than use the Micron pen that I usually have for such a task. It proved to be a fun challenge, keeping the lines straight, and I would suggest that if you are a newer painter or just not comfortable painting small squiggly lines of script, to use a Micron .005 black pen, it will really save you a lot of time and headache!

As for the rest of the mini, here are the colors I used:

Rakarth Flesh – Bone Mask, Ribcage, Parchment Bits and Robe Lining

Leadbelcher – Bolter Bits, Crozius, Chain, Neck Coils, Belt Buckle, Backpack Vents

Retributor Armor – Spikey Bit around the Crozius, Kneepad Skull, Iron Halo, Chest Logo, Hanging Totems, Shoulder Pad Rims, Skull Shaped Buttons on Robe

Screamer Pink – Crozius Handle

Khorne Red – Pistol Casing, Eye Lenses, Purity Seals, Book Cover

Mournfang Brown – Belt and Pouches

Wash it all with Nuln Oil and re-highlight with base colors.

Highlight the black areas with Eshin Grey, Dawnstone, and Administratum Grey.

One of the easier models to base because of the predominant black areas, so you can really go to town on the highlights and blending.

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