Unboxing Star Wars Legion – Leia Organa

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Today I got to crack open the Leia Organa box for the Star Wars Legion miniatures game by Fantasy Flight Games and take a look at the contents.

Watch the Full Review here!

What a great little kit!

I’m not familiar with the game, but I do know minis, and I know that our favorite sci-fi princess getting into the action on the tabletop is something I’ve waited a long time for!

Let’s dive into the assembled figure!

Leia Organa comes in three parts:

  • Head/torso/legs
  • Open left hand
  • Right hand gripping blaster pistol

The mold lines were really nicely hidden by the trim on the trousers and the side of the boots.

The only really noticeable mold lines are those on the inside of the trousers and the ones at the outside of the boots. Shave those down with the back end of your hobby knife and you’ll be good to go!

You may also remember in the video that my blaster tip was aiming up, warped just a tiny bit.

After a little dip in some hot water, I was able to bend the tip of the blaster pistol into a straight line. Awesome!

It’s a fun little pose, but I wish she looked more like a leader, and less like a frontline fighter.

Like I mention in my video review, the pose on the box cover looks a lot cooler than the one they ended up with, but it’s still Leia, so I can’t really complain haha!

For her points and the abilities she brings to the table, I really think Leia Organa is a worthy and maybe even essential addition to a Rebel Commander looking to make the most of the fighters on the table. Check her out!

Thanks for reading, everyone!

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